The first programmer in the world was a woman in the 19th century

The first programmer in the world is considered to be Ada Bayron Lavliss. Ada Beyron was born on December 10, 1815 in London.

She was the daughter of the British poet Lord Byron and En Isabel Milbank. She was engaged in mathematics and was interested in an analytical machine project. The notes were marked with letters A to G. In the last, G note, Aid describes an algorithm for an analytical machine for the calculation of Bernoulli numbers. It is considered to be the first algorithm ever made with the idea to be applied on a computer, and for this reason it can be considered the first computer programmer.

It focused on what we could call today „software“ applications for the analytical machine. Ada was twenty-nine when her work was published. In 1979, as a reward for her contribution, the US Department of Defense developed a programming language and named it Aid (Ada).