Electromechanical era

Electromechanical era includes the period from 1840 to 1940. The discovery of electricity enabled the transformation of information into electrical impulses, which meant faster processing of knowledge and information. A telegraph was built, Morse’s alphabet was created, Graham Bell invented the phone, and Markoni in 1894 a radio.

The technology based on electricity and mechanical calculations were first combined in 1880, when Hollerith improved the machine for automatic sorting of data on the drilled cards into a number of categories using electrical sensor devices for „reading“ the holes on the card. He founded the production company which later became the IBM corporation.

Punch card

In the late 1930s, Howard Aiken built the Mark I machine, which had a paper tape with a program on it, a pierced card entry, counters for numbers and electromechanical relays for storing results. The machine was 17 meters long, 2.5 meters high and consisted of 750,000 parts. It used 800 km of wire with 3 million electrical connections.

Mark I