Howard Aiken

Hovard Aiken was an American physicist and pioneer in computer science, since he is an original conceptual designer behind IBM's Harvard Mark I computer. Aiken studied at the University of Visconsin-Madison and later received a doctorate. in physics at Harvard University in 1939. During this period, he encountered differential equations that he could solve solely [...]

Electromechanical era

Electromechanical era includes the period from 1840 to 1940. The discovery of electricity enabled the transformation of information into electrical impulses, which meant faster processing of knowledge and information. A telegraph was built, Morse's alphabet was created, Graham Bell invented the phone, and Markoni in 1894 a radio. The technology based on electricity and mechanical [...]

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz was a German historian, mathematician, lawyer, inventor, philosopher, diplomat and political adviser of the Slavic-Serbian origin. He independently of Newton set up an infitezimal account (calculus, mathematical analysis) as well as a binary system that forms the basis of modern computer technology. He also invented a universal language for logic. He [...]

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, philosopher and physicist. He showed interest in science from his early days. At the age of 18, he designed the first mathematical machine, a mechanical calculator to help his father in business. In 1650 Pascal decided to leave the world of science and turn to religion, that is, "to [...]