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Servers for all your needs

Server infrastructure is one of the most important things in every information system. We offer installation services, initial and advanced server administration, as well as remote management, administration and monitoring in networks of various architectures and degree of complexity.

Behind us is a great experience and expertise related to the organization and administration of server infrastructure of any type. Through interviews with clients we determine the needs and possibilities based on which is the most optimal server solution that would improve the business.

Maintaining your system

One of the most important things for every business is that the system works steadily and that problems are resolved as soon as possible. We offer you the configuration and maintenance of workstations, servers, local and network printers, as well as the installation of necessary software.

Let us take care of your system. Our team will be there for you, whether it’s on premise or remote support, so your system will work perfectly 24/7.

Computer networks

To keep your business going smoothly, you need to design and maintain a robust and highly available computer network.

  • We are specialized in designing and deploying computer networks for small and medium enterprises.
  • We can offer you a solution that meets the needs of your company, whether it’s a local computer network or connecting remote locations.

What is Mikrotik?

Mikrotik is a Latvian manufacturer of network devices and network software.
The popularity of the world market has brought them a favorable price for RouterBOARD and RouterOS, the MikroTik network devices operating system that includes all the features needed for business users and internet providers – routing, firewall, flow control, hotspot, VPN server and much more.
Configuring all necessary and desired functions of these devices can be carried out by our MicroTik certified network engineers.

Network administration

Designing, installing, configuring and maintaining computer networks requires time and dedication. We are here to help you take the network problem from the agenda. Suggesting and supplying computer and network equipment, network infrastructure design, network configuration and maintenance as well as hardware, software and user support are just some of the tasks that are needed today to meet the needs of users.

Behind us is a great experience and expertise related to:

• Design and maintenance of local area network and wireless network (LAN, WLAN)

• Installation and maintenance of passive network equipment

• Installation and maintenance of active network equipment (MIKROTIK, CISCO)

• Maintenance of network services

• Maintain network protocols and IP addressing

• Installation and maintenance of IP video surveillance

• Installing and maintaining an IP phone